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It is my job to get your home sold for its top dollar, in the shortest amount of time. The key to success according to my experience and research is preparation of your home. Properly preparing your property for potential buyers can make the difference between a quick sale at a good price or a difficult sale at a reduced price. Time spent on improving your homes ?first impression? will make the difference of thousands of dollars so it is worth putting in some time to make your home “sellable”

Be objective. Buyers go by what they see, so look at your property through a buyer’s eyes. Understand its strengths and weaknesses. A clean, orderly house inspires confidence and sells more easily.

To ensure that you make the most out of selling your home: follow these simple tips.

Make it Sparkle

Potential buyers want to dream about what could be. They don’t want to see your home, they want to see THEIR future home. You can?make a positive first impression by trimming the yard, cleaning the house and doing some small and simple repairs around your home before you go to list.

Double Check Your Documents

Check the your Real Property Report (RPR) is up to date. If you live in a condo, make sure to update and confirm that you have ALL of your condominium documents.

Be Available

Your home sells faster when it’s easy for your realtor to get a hold of you. Make sure you have your cell phone and email working properly and always let your real estate agent know if you go on vacation. Sometimes offers can fall through when the real estate agent isn’t able to get a hold of the seller.

Helpful Information for Calgary Home Sellers

Curious about the Calgary real estate market? Before you put your home on the market, contact me. I am familiar with?Calgary homes for sale and can help you price your home effectively, and provide you with guidance to sell faster.

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