Do you like contests? Check out #WheresJenniferYYC!


Do you like games?? My family LOVES games!? If you follow me on social media, you may have even caught a glimpse of our family of seven enjoying one of our games nights!

So, in the spirit of enjoying a little bit of competition (and also of loving our beautiful and vibrant city), I thought it would be a fun change of pace if I played a little game with you guys. ?The best part is that there is always a fun prize! Plus, I get to explore YYC!

Here is what you need to do to play:

  1. Follow me on social media now?pick your favourite or get really adventurous and feel free to follow me on both of mine:
Instagram: @JenniferEMcintosh
Facebook: @TheHeartOfRealEstate
  1. Keep a close watch on my video posts and listen for the cue that will let you know that we are playing a live game of #WheresJenniferYYC.
  2. As soon as you figure out where I am recording from, post your best guess in the comments of the post – don?t forget to include the hashtag: #WheresJenniferYYC


That?s it!? Pretty simple, right?

To get you warmed up, here is a list to some of the fun places I have been while playing this game.?You can click the links to get to the related posts.? That should give you a good sense of what you will be looking for!

Sirocco Golf Club

Sikome Aquatic Facility (Sikome Lake)

Avenue Cakery & Bakeshoppe

Cranston?s Riverstone Community

Moyo Spa & Wellness

Holy Cross Hospital

Starbucks (Seton location)

You are most often playing to win a Starbucks gift card, however, I have been known to throw in other goodies, as well – I recently even gave away a gift from Moyo Spa & Wellness!

Be sure to follow along and try your chance at winning!

I?ll look forward to seeing you in the world of social media!



Jennifer checking out the really cool 2018 Beakerhead installation, Dreams Never Die.

PS Be sure to read the game instructions carefully because I just might ?shake it up? a little bit, sometime in the near future.


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An Ambitious and very hard working lady! Refreshing to be around her with her hilarious and down to earth personality! Wouldn?t trust any other person when it comes to looking for or selling my home.


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Palvisha Khah

Most personable, down to earth and caring agent I?ve met!? Truly one of a kind ? always has customers best interest at heart.


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Emily Prue?homme

What a breath of fresh air to deal with. Jennifer is the perfect mixture of friendly and professional.? She?s my go-to for selling my home, and recommending to friends and family.? Love her!? You won?t be disappointed.


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Kerri Seguin

Jennifer ? what can I say!! Amazing to deal with, very knowledgeable, professional and friendly! Building our home with her taking care of us was great!? I would recommend her to all my family and friends to work with


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Teresa Heatley ? Rudoski

Jennifer keeps her clients interests at the forefront of her listings. She understands how stressful a move can be, and does her best to ensure her customers? listings stand out from the crowd.


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Ellen Harris Mann

Jennifer – my deal closed and the owner took possession (as you know) on Friday.?THANK YOU!? For all you did in taking this crazy journey with me in selling my place.?We met you in the purchase of our new home, and selected you as our agent to sell our old home.? You have been professional, honest, caring and a wonderful to help navigate the difficult 2016 real estate landscape. You have exceeded my expectations in a real estate agent.?Thank you so much.


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