What are the Differences in New Communities in Calgary and How do I Pick?

How do you choose one new community over another? In the past few years, builders have created several new communities in Calgary for you to choose from. They’re similar in one major way: they each offer brand new homes or customized floor plans you can choose from. When you buy a brand new home, no one else has ever lived in it before, and it’s tailored for you and your family. That much is the same for every new community.

But beyond the home and land you buy, what other differences are there in new communities in Calgary? This is a common question I know prospective home buyers have. Below, I’ll cover the three main ways the new communities in Calgary are different from each other, and then I’ll list some new communities with houses for sale. Call me if you want to find a home in one of these!

1. New Communities in Calgary Differ in Price

It probably goes without saying that price differs between new communities in Calgary. A common situation new home buyers run into is knowing why prices range so much, but not quite understanding how it impacts them.

Unless you are an investor, always approach real estate and pricing from your own personal or family’s objective. In other words, figure out what will work for you in terms of features, amount of space, location, and amenities and then prioritize all of that. Everything has a cost. When shopping for homes in new communities in Calgary, avoid just going for the cheapest one, believing that new homes are all the same.

If you do that, you might be compromising on something that really matters to you down the road. Or, you might find yourself with a home that doesn’t increase in value as much as you planned. Then, when it comes time to move into another house, it could be harder than you thought to sell the inexpensive one you bought.

2. Amenities May Be Different Between Communities

Think about your needs as a single person, couple, or family. Amenities in new communities impact price, but also lifestyle. Some developers add parks, green spaces, or meridians with trees and flowers. Others offer community centers. These things may not seem important now, or even necessary. Later, though, the value of a community with amenities is going to increase faster than one without them.

Examples of Amenities in New Communities in Calgary

Lifestyle Amenities: Parks, pathways, and ponds make great examples of lifestyle amenities. Some builders also create clubs and recreation facilities within the community. Community pools and kids play places add to the value of the community.

Neighbourhood Amenities: Grocery shops, restaurants, recreation centers, retail stores, schools, and easy access to transit. A note on schools: some communities may even have schools within the community itself, now or in the future.

In addition to the traditional “amenities,” some builders have made the home buying process, including selecting a lot and customizing the home, very different. A creative buying process that is fun and simple is another way new communities in Calgary are different from one another.

3. Location of New Communities Makes a Big Difference

Along with amenities, consider other things that are important to your daily life. New communities that are strategically placed near shops, schools, transit and environmental parkways, cost more than other new communities. Many people enjoy living next to provincial green spaces like Fish Creek, Nosehill Park, and Edworthy Park. Because of that, buying a home in a new community near one of those places will be more expensive.

Also consider whether you want a new community in an urban setting or suburban setting, since both are possible in Calgary and will differ in price.

Think twice, though, when a new home in a new community is priced lower than you would think. Some developers price new communities lower, because they are closer to undesirable factors, such as landfills, water treatment facilities, or noisy areas. It may seem like a good idea now, but the value of the new home you purchase may be negatively impacted.

New Communities in Calgary

Evanston. Amenities include: Green spaces, a neighbourhood gazebo, and playgrounds. Conveniently located near Nose Hill park, schools, and shopping (including CrossIron Mills). Active community association.

new communities in calgary

Evanston Home for Sale – Click here for more details

Symons Gate. Amenities include: A four acre environmental reserve for walking and gathering, a walking or biking trail/pathway that will connect you to downtown, and Curious Park. Curious Park includes a playground, picnic tables, and landscaping. Nearby recreation centres including Calgary Inland Athletic Park, transit, and several shopping centers.

symons gate new community in calgary

Symons Gate Home for Sale – Click here for more details

Looking for a home in a new Calgary community?

Contact me to discuss your options and individual community pros and cons. My expertise is in new home sales and working with first time home buyers. I can help you distinguish between the various new communities in Calgary. I’d love to help you get into the home of your dreams!



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